A book that compiles images made by some of the photographers who make up AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers) with a total of 194 photographs, 144 photographers with their images of the essence of the seasons and the changes that occur in them.

It includes a prologue of its president Pablo with an interesting introduction of the naturalist and divulgator Joaquin Araújo collaborator of Felix Rodriguez of the Source, also can read the introductory texts to the stations of Vicent Pellicer. 



The secrets of evolution / Igor Prokopenko. - Moscow: "And" Publishing House, 2017. - 352 p. - (The most shocking hypothesis with Igor Prokopenko).

ISBN 978-5-699-96107-8

Prokopenko Igor Stanislavovich is a well-known documentary filmmaker, journalist, deputy general director of documentary and journalistic projects broadcasting "REN TV" in Russia.

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