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Raimon Santacatalina ( Vilafranca del Penedés, Barcelona 1969 )1473593392-79817.jpg

My admiration and respect for nature comes from childhood for many years touring the Pyrenees, walks through fields and natural areas with my parents.

The interest for photography comes from my father, from him i receive my 15 years, my first camera, a Pentax Asahi Spotmatic SP II.

My avocation for nature photography, begins in 2006 when I bought my first digital SLR camera Canon EOS 10 D, plus a couple of Sigma targets low-end, from then begins my learning, which at all times is self-taught , registered in various forums, reading books, viewing photos and as experimenting with the camera. In 2007 I began to change my equipment for a more professional, to be able to cover my needs. 

Since 2010 I am a partner of AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers). I am also a partner of WWF  (World Wildlife Fund) with whom I collaborate with my photographs.

In 2019 he entered as a collaborating photographer in the international agency Naturimages.

I practice almost any shooting discipline (Fauna, macro, landscape, night ...) always related to nature that is what enthusiasm me.

I have collaborated and published in magazines, books, audiovisuals and my photographs have obtained some mention in national and international contests. 








Cameras: Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, Canon EOS 1DS Mark III

Objectives: Samyang 14 F / 2.8 ED AS IF UMC, Canon EF 17-40 F / 4 L USM, Canon EF 70-200 F / 2.8 L USM, Canon EF 500 F / 4 L IS USM, Canon EF 180 F/3.5 L Macro USM, Tele converter Kenko 1.4 X, Canon Extender 2X II, Extension tubes Kenko

Tripod: Triopo GT-3228X8C, Triopo Ballot NB-3S, Gimbal Ballot Benro GH-2

Flash: Speedlite 430 EX, Speedlite 430 EX II, Teleflash Better Beamer FX-5, Trigger Canon ST-2

Filters:  CPL Polarizer, Hitech Neutral and Gradient Density, Haida ND 3.0 1000 x 77

Backpacks: Tamrac Expedition 7, Tamrac Expedition 8x





- 2018 Semifinalist in the International Photographic Nature Contest Photo Montier (FRANCE) category "Oiseaux Sauvages".

- 2018 Semifinalist in the Oasis Photo Contest International Nature Photography Contest (ITALIA) category "Open animals"

- 2015 Finalist at the International Nature Photography Competition Oasis Photo Contest (ITALIA) category "Birds"  

- 2015 Photography selected IV Award-selected Naturforo-AEFONA Landscape category.

- 2015 Photogaphy selected in the category "Birds" for IFWP- International Federation of Wildlife and Nature Photography contest representing AEFONA Photography.

- 2014 Photography selected III Award-selected Naturforo-AEFONA Animal Macro category.

- 2011
Selected photographs at the MONPHOTO International Nature Photography Competition Macro and Landscape category

- 2008 Finalist in the Contest XXI ANG "Asosiacio Naturalists Girona"


- 2019 Publication on the web CarreteDigital.com Photographer of the month (June).

- 2019 Cover photo in the manual "Essential aspects of the wolf and its management" of the Life Southern Wolves project.

- 2019 Photographs to collaborate with Colectivo Azálvaro made in Otea hides

- 2018 Photograph published in the book "Animals in the mountains" written by John Wood

- 2018 My book "10 Years Photographing Nature" acquired by the library Torras i Bages

- 2018 Publication to promote the Exhibition and Book "10 Years Photographing Nature" magazine Panda WWF, Spain

- 2018 Iberian Wolf Photography to collaborate with WWF Spain on the Day of Europe

- 2018 Audiovisual Publication "Raimon Santacatalina Nature Photographer" published on the AEFONA website

- 2018 Photography to collaborate with Lobo Marley in defense of the Iberian Wolf  

- 2018 Photograph included in the audiovisual "Momentos Efimeros" AEFONA

- 2018 Publication to promote my book "10 Years Photographing Nature" in TOMA LO TUYO (COLOMBIA)

- 2018 Pic d'Anie Photography to collaborate with WWF Spain on Instagram

- 2017 Photograph published in the magazine IRIS AEFONA

- 2017 Author's book "10 Years Photographing Nature"

- 2017 Photograph published in the book "Natura 2000, an opportunity for all" edited by LIFE + INFONATUR 2000

- 2017 Photograph published in the Bird and Nature magazine of SEO / BirdLife "After the flight of the big eagles"

- 2017 Action Photography published on the Delta Birding website

- 2017 Article "Photographing Orchids" published on the AEFONA website

- 2017 Photography published in the book "The Secrets of Evolution" written by Prokopenko Igor Stanislavovich (RUSSIA)

- 2017 Photography published in Obekti.bg (BULGARIA)

- 2017 Action photography included in Delta Birding promotional video     

- 2017 Report "Un dia entre Grullas" published on the AEFONA website

- 2017 Photography published on the WWF website for the defense and protection of the Iberian Wolf

- 2017 Blog post Every day a Photographer / Photographers on the net

2016 Photography published in the journal IRIS (AEFONA)

- 2016 Photography published in the book "Nature Iberica-Four Seasons of Life" edited by AEFONA 

- 2016 Photograpy published in thejournal.ie (IRLANDA)

2016 Photography to collaborate with WWF against the persecution of the wolf in Twitter.

- 2015 Portfolio published in the online magazine NHL Agenda Iris 13 (AEFONA)

- 2014 Photography published in the journal IRIS (AEFONA).

- 2014 Blog post FOCAL LENGHT

- 2013 Photography published in the journal NHL Agenda Iris 02 (AEFONA)

- 2012 In search of perfect Photography77 Photographers of Nature that you should know "

- 2011 Photography including in the audiovisual "Inner Light" (AEFONA)

- 2011 Photography published in the journal IRIS (AEFONA)

- 2010 Photography included in the audiovisual "Natural Life" (Fotoenlacenatural.com) 


- 2018 Interview in the weekly El 3 de vuit del Penedès (Written in Catalan) 8/06

- 2018 Opening Interview Exhibition and Book "10 Years Photographing Nature" by Penedès Televisió. 05/17

- 2018 Interview on the Penedes Televisio L'interview program. 04/13

- 2018 Interview and photographer of the week on the web TOMA LO TUYO (COLOMBIA)


- 2018 Exhibition and Book "10 Years Photographing Nature" Center Civic Room, Pacs del Penedès (Barcelona). 3/08 to 6/08

- 2018 Exhibition and Book "10 Years Photographing Nature" Sala dPas, Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona). 17/05 to 22/06

- 2017 Exposition "10 Years Photographing Nature" Cafeteria Anna Valls, Castelldefels (Barcelona). 11/12/2017 al 11/02/2018 


- 2018 Audiovisual Projection "Raimon Santacatalina Nature Photographer" at the XXVI Congress of AEFONA

- 2018 What is Raimon wearing in his backpack? Presentation to tell what material I use in Nature Photography. Civic Center Room, Pacs del Penedès 5/08

- 2018 What is Raimon wearing in his backpack? Presentation to tell what material I use in Nature Photography. Room dPas, Vilafranca del Penedés. 05/26


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